If you've been to a Golden State Warriors' game at Oracle Arena in Oakland, you may have noticed Stephen Curry's pre-game ritual. He shoots a couple of shots from the home team's tunnel and then signs autographs for the fans above, leaning over.

You may have noticed for the past five years, the person who throws him the ball for each shot is a security guard. That security guard is Curtis Jones, who has been a security guard at the Oracle Arena for roughly 23 years.

"One day, Curry was shooting from the tunnel," Jones explained. "I inquired what he was doing...he [started] passing me the ball. As he would say, I put a little mojo."

So, is Jones the reason behind the saying, "Steph Curry with the shot boy" ?

"I'd like to think I coined the phrase," Jones joked.

Jones added that the most difficult thing to do as a security guard is to keep women away!

"After a couple of drinks, they get a little assertive and aggressive," Jones laughed. "They even try to seduce me to get through!"

But at the end of the day, Jones say he understands the fans' desires to get close to the players.

"Once the game starts, it's work. It's business," Jones said. "Players and coaches and the people that work in a work capacity gotta make sure they have a clear lane. No one disrupts them. I wanna make sure these guys have no distractions."

Understandably, Jones has been getting a lot of attention from Warriors' fans for his new role.

"I have a chance to communicate with kids a lot better," Jones said.

Jones said he tries to work with kids in his community and motivate them to be their personal best.

"A guy like Steph Curry is an amazing individual, but you don't have to be Steph Curry to be like Steph Curry," Jones said. "You can be whoever you wanna be. Work hard to achieve your goal. Have passion. These are things it takes to get ahead...paying attention, staying on the right track."

As for how Jones lives his own life, well he said he lives in the moment, which is why he enjoys his newfound attention so much.

"I stay mindful though. It's difficult to say what and will happen," Jones said. "I've had some few experiences in life and try to channel it in a positive manner."

Jones has ushered quite a few celebrities through. He wasn't too impressed when Rihanna showed up at Game 1 and stole the show though. Who would he fan girl over?

"You know, I like Beyonce," Jones said. "She's very attractive but I like her music."

We would fan girl over Beyonce too, Curtis.