Do you have a bunch of old clothes, furniture or just a couple of things you want to get rid of around your house? Most of us do and when it’s time to get rid of all that old stuff, we usually have a garage sale, but those might be a thing of the past.

Have you ever heard of a virtual yard sale? Yes, you can sell all your things without the hassle of moving it to your front lawn! Here’s a couple of places that you can sell your stuff online!

One application is called VarageSale. You can download the app on the Apple and Android app stores and here’s how it works. You first sign up and join one of your local communities to see what is available to buy. Everything and anything you can think from furniture, electronics, jewelry, clothing and household items can be available. You can use this app from your laptop, tablet and phone to start browsing all the items for sale.

And selling your items is just as simple! If you have something you like to sell, all you got to do is take a picture of your item, open the application up, upload the picture on your community page and post the item. Be sure to include an asking price too! Once it’s posted, just wait for the notifications to come in and see who will pay what for your item!

Another application is called BooKoo. It’s a local and free place to buy and sell stuff to your neighbors and other residents in your area. It’s a very similar setup to Craigslist where buyers and sellers can meet in-person and exchange items for cash directly. To buy stuff off the service, you just have to browse and select. If you see something you like and want a better look, there’s an option where you can contact the seller. Just fill out the form and the seller will receive an e-mail to notify them you’re interested! To sell your items is just as easy too! Just make an account and start posting items you want to sell!

If you feel you must get rid of items as soon as possible, there’s even an application for that too! The app is called OfferUp, which is available on both the Apple and Android services. Here, listings are posted in under a minute and has images of items you can browse! There’s also private messaging options and reputation ratings to sift out scammers.

One classic go-to option is the site, Craiglist. Here, you create a listing quickly for the item you want to sell! Be sure to include a photo and description of your item. For a method on contact, it’s probably best to use the e-mail contacts only option. After the post, just wait for an interest and sell your item!

Though no matter what application or site you would like to use, the goal is always being safe when buying or selling items online. Always try to meet the buyer or seller in a public place and never take a check. Also be sure to never give out any personal or financial information. You can never be too careful if you feel someone is trying to scam you.