ABC10 is helping you find ways to save and if you're strapped for cash, one easy way to earn money is through recycling.

Going green is part of everyday life for some people who need to make a little extra green themselves.

"I get my money back. That's what you call hustler, financial hustling,” Stefonia Jacobs, of North Highlands, said.

A month of hustling cans and bottles to recycle got Jacobs $10 this time around. It took her an hour long bus ride to get from North Highlands to Recycling Industries in Sacramento. Not to mention the bus fare.

“It's definitely worth it,” Jacobs said.

Recycling Industries have been a family run business for over 30 years. They recycle glass, plastic, aluminum, among other items. Many of their clients are regulars, some looking for some extra change, others to help make ends meet.

"I've had kids who wanted to earn money for college, picking up cans and organizing stuff,” David Kuhnen, general manager for Recycling Industries, said.

The state minimum rate for a pound of aluminum cans is $1.57. At Industries, they pay $1.60 a pound – three cents more – as part of the public buyback program.

But recycling centers have been closing, making it harder for people to drop off their cans to make some easy cash.

"The only way a recycler makes money is on the scrap value,” Kuhnen said. “The scrap value for bottles and cans used to be 70 and 80 cents. Now it's down to the 50's and that's too hard to make it at that level.”

Fortunately for Kuhnen, his company relies on commercial mix-recyclables, like card boards and newspapers, to stay afloat.

And as long as loyal customers keep bringing their bottles and cans, then going green means business.

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