The Capital Dance Project is preparing for a sensory friendly performance on Friday for autistic children.

Many of the dancers grew up watching performances.

"My grandmother and my parents were dancers and had schools so I was around dance at a very young age," said Alexandra Cunningham.

It's something the dancers wanted to do after working with several groups to serve more people in the community.

"The lights in the theater will stay on the entire time, we'll lower the sound volumes by 30 percent, have noise cancelling headphones in case it's too loud for our audience members, we'll have coloring stations, and a safe space," Cunningham said.

The show will be cut short to an hour but you'll still get to experience all of the ballet even the fashion.

"As dancers in the community we've all gone out several times to local elementary schools," Christopher Nachtrab. "I felt like there was a demographic we weren't hitting which are families who may deal with children who are autistic or who feel shy taking their kids to the theater thinking they'll perhaps cause a scene."

There are 79 individual pieces made this year just for the show.