Several wildfires burning near Sonoma have consolidated into the Nuns Fire as the blaze is 10 percent contained and has blackened 46,000 acres in wine country.

Up Old Winery road, Buena Vista has a crew of firefighters from Los Banos clearing hot spots along the property.

“Chances are this tree might end up falling,” said Capt. Eddie Vierra of Los Banos Fire. “The way it's leaning, it might fall into the black so we wanted to basically put out the base of it and put out the base of the tree, in case it does fall this way and we'll be able to get on it a little bit quicker.”

A half of a mile northeast of the winery, over a hill in Lovall Valley, the fire is burning brush and shooting 20 feet into the air.

Mandatory evacuations were put in place Friday night for north Sonoma.

“We're calling ourselves the rebels with a cause,” said Sharon, a resident in Sonoma. Her and four others in the neighborhood chose not to leave.

The neighborhood is without power, but they have a firehouse running from a hydrant and are ready to protect the houses if need be.

“I've lived here 13 years and we came from the coast,” Sharon said. “We had some fires up there, but nothing like we've seen down here.”

The neighbors have already told police they plan on staying until the last minute.