Single mothers share frustrations and need for community support.

Tara Taylor started up Single Mom Strong.

"It's been a long road," said Taylor. "A lot of these ideas I've had over the years as a single mom."

Taylor is a single mother who started this community based organization to help other mothers and their children through some of the challenges they face.

One of those who she's helped out is Kristi Holland.

"It's been really difficult struggling as a single mom alone," said Holland.

Her day is packed taking care of her 10 year old daughter Layla and working. We met up with her at the only place she could fit it which is a bootcamp studio in Folsom.

She coaches a class twice a week.

She said the hardest part of being a single mom is trying to juggle everything all at once and trying to find a community of people who could relate.

"I live in a small community and so it was difficult being the new person," said Holland. "There was a lot of struggling that happened."

Three months ago she discovered Single Mom Strong.

Taylor, the founder, said in addition to everyday struggles, there's also a stigma out there.

"A lot of single parents have a feeling like someone is looking down at them," Taylor said. "Most of us didn't get here by choice."

Taylor also helps single mothers with life skills such as resume writing or budgeting.

The organization has been selected as the local charity for "The Super Run" 5k run/walk on April 29th in Sacramento.