The rainy start to the day wasn’t enough to keep Pete Conlin indoors.

"Seems to be just another day, just a little bit more rain," said Conlin, who was out walking his dog in Rocklin Saturday morning.

Driving in the rain, however, is a different story. Conlin, like many others, said he tends to take extra precaution driving when the roads are slippery.

“You tend to slow down and be a little more aware of your surroundings," Conlin said.

On Saturday morning along west bound I-80, the slick roads caused a single-vehicle accident that left two people injured.

According to California High Patrol, around 9:30 a.m., a driver lost control of his garbage truck, causing the vehicle to spin and then crash into the center divider. CHP officials told ABC10 that no other vehicles were involved, but the two people in the truck sustained major injuries.

Christina and Gary Schuler were driving along eastbound I-80 when they saw the accident.

While the Schuler’s are divided when it comes to how they feel about the wet weather, they do agree in slowing down and driving carefully. Gary said incidents like the one on I-80 stress the importance of doing everything you can to drive safely in the rain.

"[I'm just] more aware of my surroundings," Schuler said. "[I] take a little more caution into turns, because it's fresh wetness on the ground, so you have to be careful not to cause any accidents."