On the campaign trail, Donald Trump said he would deport 11 million undocumented people and even build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

Some Sacramento State students that are undocumented, or have parents that are undocumented, are concerned for what the future holds when the new president elect starts in January.

"I think students want to know if they are going to be deported tomorrow," Sac State's Dr. Miguel Molina said.

A valid question after Trump made these strong statements, "We're going to get them out so fast and so quick and it's going to be tough, it's not going to be like will you come with us please will you come with us," Trump said on the campaign trail.

On campus Sac State has several programs that cater to migrant or undocumented people like CAMP, HEP, Serna and the Dreamer Resource Centers. Norma Mendoza works in the Dreamer Resource Center and said students were seeking help after Election Day.

"That's one of the biggest fears the fear of deportation, and those comments made by the President elect those fears have augmented and amplified," Mendoza said.

Many of these students are under DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, an executive order from 2012 by Obama. It is a temporary protection, that Trump said he wants to change.

"The problem is everyone hears different parts of that, I am going to build a wall, I am going to deport everyone who is illegal, are these criminals? Or are these students that are legal and law abiding that are under DACA protection," Dr. Molina asked.

Students under DACA had to give all personal information to the government so it is known where they are, adding fear.

"Because they put themselves out there and they know the government knows who they are and where they are and who they live with," Dr. Molina added.

He told us the university is holding several seminars with immigration attorneys, creating a safe space for students but thinks everyone should relax, stay positive and wait to see what happens. Dr. Molina said it is possible Trump change his ideals by January, despite the previous statements made about undocumented people.

"I don't think this decision will be made by himself, there will be a lot of people making this decision, just like Obama couldn't do this by himself, he wont do it by himself, it will be a coalition, it will be bipartisan that will decide the fate of these students," Dr. Molina said.