The South Lake Tahoe Police Department believes a man is tampering with food at Raley's and they're asking for the public's help identifying the suspect.

On Tuesday, Nov. 15, police were called to the Raley’s at 4000 Lake Tahoe Boulevard for a report of a man who may have tampered with food at the Hot Wok self-serve food court inside Raley's. According to police, the suspect apparently walked into the grocery store, approached the self-serve food display in the food court, and poured an unknown substance on top of the food. The suspect then walked out of the store and left the area on foot.

After reviewing the store's surveillance video, police believe the same man has committed this act at least three other times, beginning around Tuesday, Nov. 8. Police collected samples of the substance for analysis. Lt. Brian Williams of the SLTPD said initial testing by the Department of Health in Placerville have not revealed anything yet. Testing is now taking place at the Department of Justice. The substance has a foul smelling odor.

So far, Williams added, there have been no reports of anyone getting sick. Tampering with food in this manner is a felony.

Video surveillance footage of suspect.

Officers have been unable to locate the suspect.

If you have any information on the suspect, contact the South Lake Tahoe Police Department at 530-542-6100 or Secret Witness at 530-541-6800. If you believe you have become ill, contact your medical provider and contact the County of El Dorado Environmental Management Division at 530-573-3453 or 530-621-5300.