Setting cultural differences aside, leaders from the Asian and African American communities in South Sacramento stood side by side on Thursday, taking a stance against crime.

"We're at a place where we want to be seen together, understanding each other's differences, acknowledging them, but then sharing the work to invest in our communities together,” said Rev. Les Simmons with the South Sacramento Christian Center Church.

The idea to form a coalition all started in response to a recent spike in robberies targeting Asians, especially the elderly.

Surveillance video from August sparked outrage on social media. You can see people being held at gunpoint and in other videos you can see a group of bandits breaking down doors and invading homes.

"We're hopeful that the robberies will decrease,” said resident Cha Vang. “We're hopeful to make sure that… South Sacramento is safe."

Still, residents like Cha Vang said they’re worried about their loved ones but realize they’re not alone.

"When we divide each other it seems like everybody has their own issues, but together we can definitely work together to make sure every community is doing well,” Vang said.

Organizers said this is the first step in resolving the growing crime issue.

"We want the violence to stop and we want to do it together,” Simmons said.

In the future, community members said they want to have rally’s and pot luck dinners as a way to really build a strong united community.