United Airlines is having a bad week but the same can't be said for Southwest Airlines.

A video surfaced of a man on a United flight being forcibly removed from the plane before takeoff at O’Hare International Airport. Another video of the incident showed the man after he was let back on board with his face bloodied.

The event is creating a public relations nightmare for United. The CEO of the company, Oscar Munez, said in an interview with ABC's "Good Morning America" Wednesday, he felt "ashamed" while watching the video.

However, a customer service representative for Southwest Airlines is also making headlines but for a much lighter reason.

Twitter user @xadoringpaige decided to tweet Southwest a fake complaint about a flight experience.

The twitter user, Juan, tells Linnea the representative, a fake story about a bad experience with a flight attendant.

When Linnea asks for the attendant's name, Juan responds with a photo of Britney Spears in the flight attendant outfit she wore in her "Toxic" music video.

Realizing she's being trolled, Linnea responds with a hilarious one-liner: "opps, [sic] she did it again."

Juan posted the exchange on Twitter and people went nuts.

The response is one for the books.