A Sacramento couple that adopted an older dog is glad they did and encourages others to do the same.

Sure, at 11, Zoey is no puppy. But apparently no one has told her that; during a visit to the SPCA shelter she was adopted from a couple of weeks ago, Zoey frolicked and frisked around a "dog social" enclosure with all the energy of a dog a quarter of her age.

At the same time she is housebroken, with good manners – both things her new family appreciates about her. You might say it’s the best of both worlds.

Sacramento residents Teresa Huckabay and Bill Holcomb, who first saw her featured in an ABC 10 newscast, said Zoey has brought a new dimension into their lives, bringing a sense of fun and unconditional love to their home. They couldn’t believe she was at the shelter for five months before they took her home.

“I couldn’t believe anyone could look in those soulful brown eyes and say no,” Holcomb said.

The Sacramento SPCA and the Bissell Pet Foundation is providing the opportunity for others to find their own animal soul mates at an Empty the Shelters adoption event Saturday. The Bissell Pet Foundation has pledged to pay all adoption fees at the SPCA and more than 20 other shelters in California.

The SPCA wants to find homes for all the critters it houses, but particularly advocates for older animals, which are often passed over, said Dawn Foster, Director of Marketing and Communication at the Sacramento SPCA,

Lola is one of these. The 12-year-old German Shepherd/Australian cattle dog mix has striking facial markings, a distinctive floppy right ear and a pleasant disposition. Although she has a liver problem that requires a bit of special care, in return she has a lot of love to give the person with a heart big enough to bring her home.

“We hope when people come on Saturday they take a look at animals like Lola,” Foster said. “Just because they’re over five doesn’t mean they’re bit fantastic animals.”

Foster said SPCA counselors are skilled in helping people find the right dog to fit with their personalities and lifestyle.

Potential adopters are encouraged to bring their dogs with them to “make sure everyone respects one another,” Foster said.

The adoption event takes place from 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. at the SPCA shelter on Florin Perkins Road.

Since her adoption, Zoey has been enjoying the good life: sunning herself in the backyard on nice days, going for walks in the neighborhood with her new family, and getting and giving plenty of love and attention from her new family.

“She’ll come up and put her head on my knees and look up at me,” Huckabay said.