With terrorism plots unfolding on U.S. soil in places like San Bernardino, Orlando and Boston, the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department wants to be ready if terrorism strikes close to home.

Sheriff Adam Christianson is sending his SWAT team to an elite counter terrorism training facility in Jordan starting April 27.

"And we were invited to participate. I thought it was a great idea. I came back and met with Chief Radford who commands our SWAT team and asked them if they would like to go," said Christianson.

It will be an 11 day journey to Amman Jordan to the King Abdullah Special Operations Training Center.

The sheriff himself visited the 15 square mile facility during a trip to Israel in 2015 to study counter terrorism strategies.

He was so impressed he wanted his SWAT team to visit and learn too.

"So we're looking to absorb and experience just anything they have to offer to add to our abilities to make our team better," says Lt. Mike Radford, who commands the county SWAT team.

Eight of the 15 member team will go.

They will compete with other tactical teams around the world in a "warrior challenge."

They will be judged on various criteria.

But, the bigger picture is bringing back more counter terrorism skills to Stanislaus County.

The cost of the trip, over $23,000 paid with taxpayer money and asset forfeiture cash, has been approved by the county.

Three of the days will be a vacation stopover in Paris paid out of the pockets of SWAT team members.

"So this again is a very unique opportunity. One that takes advantage of the best training in the world," says Christianson.

The sheriff says any knowledge gained will be passed on to the other 200 officers in the department.