As startup companies are drawn increasingly to Sacramento, space to house their offices is in demand.

That's the starting premise for Sacramento architect Ron Vrilakas, who submitted plans to the city for a new startup campus in Oak Park.

Most startups, however, don't need a lot of office space.

That's why Vrilakas plans on using shipping containers to form the underlying structure of the two buildings planned for the campus. That's another growing trend in both residential and commercial development.

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The buildings are planned for what is currently an empty lot near Oak Park's Broadway Triangle. The lot sits at the intersection of Broadway, Second Avenue and 34th Street.

"This proposed project, the Triangle Work Space Development, would continue the momentum in the Triangle District by creating new retail and work space opportunities on an empty lot in the center of the district," Vrilakas wrote in his application to the city.

"Through years of leasing experience as developer in the Triangle," he continued, "it has become apparent that there is significant demand for small spaces with simple lease terms to support upstart local entrepreneurs, particularly in a collaborative and creative environment."

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He describes the planned use of shipping containers as the underlying structure, "because of their ideal size and creative aesthetic, we determined containers to be appropriate to both the need for small spaces, while adding to the spirit of the district."

Vrilakas said he has contacted the people who own the properties next to the vacant lot and they are supportive of his project.

"The Oak Park Business Association is in support of the project," he added. "Council member Jay Schenirer supports the project."

The two buildings will frame an outdoor space open to the public, Vrilakas said, "with storefronts and outdoor seating and landscaping."

He estimates there will be some 30 retail and workspace opportunities, 160 square feet each, with the ability to merge several together if any tenant wants more space.

ABC10 showed the plan to neighbors attending the monthly outdoor block party called Gather Oak Park. They were excited about development coming to the long-empty lot.

"I think it could bring a lot of new business, a lot of jobs, because jobs are always needed," neighbor Patrice Coleman said. "It could definitely liven up the whole area and bring even more people to Oak Park."

"It's great to have something new and fresh like that in the area, because they're rebuilding Oak Park and it's just amazing to see our neighborhood improve like this," 6-year Oak Park resident Sara Moniz said.

"It'll bring in more business and more...positive mindset, you know, which is what...caused all this development," neighbor Gary Hill said, gesturing to the recent development along Oak Park's Broadway Corridor.

Kathy Adeniji, who has lived in Oak Park for about six months, said she's excited about the development but would like to see it include parking.

"I feel like (the area) also needs a lot of construction, so when you bring more office space and shopping centers, I think eventually, slowly but surely, you'll start rebuilding everything around it," she said.