There are currently more than 2,000 children,17 and under, who are in the foster system in Sacramento County.

The first place these kids go to be placed in a home are the county's intake units. The unit located on the property of Children's Receiving Home of Sacramento will be shut down at the end of September after the state said they were operating illegally.

"It was just meant to be an office, just the first stop for a child to rest," Brenda Dabney, regional director of Children's Law Center California said.

Dabney's organization represents kids in Sacramento, Placer and Los Angeles counties who are in the dependency court system. Over the last year the facility has changed, acting illegally. Dabney said some kids at this CPS intake location have been sleeping on chairs and on the floor for weeks at a time.

"They are office people, they are not necessarily hands on social workers, that can look up the best treatment that a child be at any moment in time during the day," Dabney said.

It's located at 3555 Auburn Blvd in Sacramento, the same property of the Children's Receiving Home of Sacramento. Dabney said this office, in the last year, has spiraled out of control with clients being mistreated which is why the state is shutting it down.

"Our hope for sure is that the kids will not be turned away to the street, we want to make sure the county is locating appropriate foster homes for the kids that still need care and youth in that space," Dabney said. "But also that the Children's Receiving Home gets alot more resources to provide some one on one mental health clinicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to kids that show up there because they don't know that there aren't going to be people there."

Sacramento County HHS (CPS) Spokesperson Samantha Mott wrote ABC10 in a statement in part: "Though we are not discussing specifics publicly at this time, we will be prepared to do so once action plans have been finalized and agreed to by all parties."

She wrote later in a lengthy statement, "We are hoping that the Sacramento community will see this as a call to action to help some of our most vulnerable youth."