It is Summer and it is hot, nothing new for Californians. Many are avoiding going out in the July heat but Cal Expo employees encourage folks to come to the fair. Fair officials said they have added more shade and seating areas all over the grounds.

While you walk around in the 100 degree temps try to walk with a slushie in hand. Mario Espinoza is a fairgoer that said staying hydrated is important and make a game plan to avoid heatstroke. "Earlier in the day hit the buildings with the air conditioner," Espinoza said, "Then when the evening hits then go outside when the sun is down".

Walking around on the hot pavement can be draining so there are 14 buildings filled with exhibits and cold air. Frozen treats are also a great way to cool off, the fair has a new addition: Dole Whips!

Livestock are a large part of the fair. Hundreds of pigs, sheep and cows fill barns. Fair employees said they have medical staff for humans and animals during fair time. In the barns there are fans everywhere, misters and shade cloth. Whitney Whitaker said she makes sure her show hog is safe and doesn't get heat exhaustion.

"It feels pretty cool the breeze is good, we have the shade cloth, fan on and spray them all the time," Whitaker said, "These guys are way too well taken care of".

Cal Expo staff encourages everyone to hydrate and stay in the shade as much as possible while enjoying the fair fun.