You might say the city of Stockton is going for a hat trick.

In hockey terms, that means a player scores three goals in a game, but in this case, the city is proposing the purchase of its third city hall location at the Waterfront Towers at 501 and 509 W. Weber Avenue.

The move will cost $13.6 million and would be a cash deal.

It's cash which the city says it already has on hand from several sources, including $6 million from insurance money they received from a burned out hotel and also nearly $9 million saved up after exiting out of bankruptcy.

Another nearly $12 million will be needed for moving expenses, building modifications and building a city council chambers.

The city says it has the cash on hand for the renovations and says there will be no cost to taxpayers.

The city council vote on the purchase is set for September 19. If approved, workers from the historic city hall built in 1926 will start moving in about one year.

Employees at the Chase Building City Hall at 400 E. Main Street would move after that building's lease is up in 2022.