Just about a week ago, the Stockton Emergency Food Bank had just 30 turkeys for their Thanksgiving giveaway this Monday.

Then, word got out.

"It's been a little nerve wracking. With all the things that have been going on not only within the state with the Santa Rosa fires, but also the nation. We had the Puerto Rico incident. A lot of people's donations have been pulled," said Alesha Pichler, community relations manager for the Stockton Emergency Food Bank.

Now, over 1,800 turkeys are in the food bank's freezer and more are coming in each day.

Mary Elizabeth Eberhardt, Vice President with the Bank of Stockton, drove to the food bank with a $1,000 check in hand for more turkeys.

"We think it's really important. And I would encourage all the businesses and community members that are able to provide resources to come down and help the Emergency Food Bank. It's important," said Eberhardt.

The food bank estimates another 200 or so people have lined-up for the giveaway each year for the past 15 years.

Their giveaway is set for 8 a.m. Monday, November 20th.

The food bank is looking for donations of stuffing, mac and cheese, cranberries, canned vegetables, instant potatoes and canned sweet potatoes for their holiday boxes. They will also tbe taking in cash donations.

The address is 7 W Scotts Avenue in Stockton.