In a small cramped room about 150 square feet in diameter, Joshua Sandoval and his family of five call the Stockton Shelter for the Homeless home, for now.

"For them I think it made them stronger though. They're pretty strong, they're nice kids. They're survivors I guess," said Sandoval.

For seven months, they all lived in a van seeking shelter in parks, anywhere safe.

"Just watching them sleep. And, us being parents, just having to protect them every night. It was bad," said his wife Jennifer.

Joshua had lost his job working for a carpet manufacturer. That eventually sent the family in a downward spiral, next, having their van stolen, forcing them to seek help at the homeless shelter.

But ironically, it was a blessing in disguise.

"Because if it wasn't for that, we would still be in the car. The kids would be out of school," said Jennifer Sandoval.

Joshua now has a new job. For three months, he has worked as a part-time package handler for UPS. He hopes to get full-time work and help get his family their own place to stay.

They are very grateful to the Stockton Shelter for the Homeless. Kimberly Maxwell with the shelter says the family is a "hard working, close knit" family.

"They always step up for special projects. They've helped with events. They've helped other people. They are the first people to see something that needs to be done. They just do it," said Maxwell.

Right now, the shelter is on "overflow" with 350-400 people.

The family is in need of pillows, hygiene products, diapers and bedding. They are also looking for people to adopt families for Christmas.

You can contact them at 209-465-3612.