On Thursday morning, a man was arrested after exposing himself at two Stockton elementary schools and a nursing rehab center. He also attempted to rape a woman.

Stockton Police say it was community members who helped capture the suspect. Scott Marquez was one of the community members and captured the arrest on camera.

"I'm trying to clean up Stockton one pervert at a time," said Marquez.

Marquez was born and raised in Stockton. He left for the military and when he came back, he felt his hometown had changed.

"Stockton was a great city, but it seemed overnight, it got bad," said Marquez. "I've been frustrated with the way things have been going."

That's why when he heard on his police scanner app about the suspect, his instinct to help kicked in.

Marquez said he just happened to be nearby and spotted the suspect driving away in his vehicle. Marquez followed in his own truck and the suspect eventually stopped at a residential street. Surveillance video shows the suspect getting out of the car and walking towards Marquez.

"I thought he might've had a gun [but he didn't]." said Marquez. "He tried to size me up. I told him to get on the ground, you ain't getting no further. He looked me up and down and got on the ground."

Police arrived shortly after to arrest Donald Kendrick, 47, for attempted rape, indecent exposure, and impersonating a peace officer.

"It fell into place. I wasn't going to be a hero and put my life on the line, but I'm gonna do what's right in this world," said Marquez. "If everybody in Stockton does that, we might turn our city around."

In the video, you can hear Marquez joke that he is the 'Ice Man.'

When ABC10's Frances Wang asked him about that...

"That's a flying term I use," laughed Marquez. "I fly kind of crazy."

Now that video is getting Marquez a lot of attention on social media.

"People are commenting] that I'm a hero. 'Ice man, you go get him,'" said Marquez. "But it's not all about that. This is my city. I'm fed up with what it's become. I need to do my part and my share."