“My initial reaction just shock. Like, what happened at school today.” said Nohemi Melchor, mother of the daughter.

When Melchor asked how her 6-year-old daughter’s day at school went, she was stunned by what she heard.

“I didn’t know how to answer her or what to say.” said Melchor.

The assignment involved was coloring in the symbols of the United States, including the flag. Melchor said not only did the teacher allegedly criticize the drawing itself, but went further.

“[The] Teacher is upset because my colors didn’t match, she said it does not look like her example and that is the reason why Trump is sending people back to Mexico," said Melchor, reiterating what her daughter told her.

"I was just speechless, breathless," she added.

She said her daughter was so upset, she cried, and didn't want to go back to school at Henry Elementary.

Melchor emailed the principal who said she was out of town and advised her to contact a vice principal. Melchor also said she was then told to leave a number in case they need to contact her about the issue.

“It wasn’t really a response. It was more of we’re sorry and we’ll see what happens," said Melchor.

Alicia Rico has a daughter who goes to the same school. She is past president of the English Learner Advisory Committee in the Stockton Unified School District.

“It’s bad. It’s racist against Mexicans [and] against every people they don’t belong here?" said Rico.

The Stockton Unified School District insists the complaint is under investigation.

“Encourage them. Not to belittle them and humiliate them. And, if she’s going to cross the line as a teacher, and that permits for her to do so, then she needs to be removed," said Melchor.