Car "Sideshows" have been popping up more frequenctly in Stockton lately.

The city's police department is cracking down on the unsafe gatherings.

A "Sideshow," according to Wikipedia, "is an informal demonstration of automotive stunts often held in vacant lots, and public intersections." On Saturday, March 18, the Stockton Police Department broke-up another "Sideshow," this one taking place along the 10300 block of Trinity Parkway.

According to a Facebook post by the department, 200 people were estimated to have attended the event before it was broken up by the Stockton Police Department. With the assistance of California Highway Patrol air unit, they shut down event right as it started.

"These drivers of these vehicles are definitely not professionals and sometimes they loose control and end up in the crowd," Stockton Police Officer Joseph Silva said.

Because of the crackdown, the Stockton Police Department towed four vehicles and handed out 15 warnings and 49 citations. The department has a special team dedicated to addressing and preventing "Sideshows" from taking place in the city. These officers are trained in identifying modified vehicles, conducting modified vehicle inspections, and writing vehicle seizure warrants for vehicles involved in sideshow activity.

Officer Silva told ABC10 the department has a team from the traffic division dedicated to combating "Sideshows." These officers are hitting people's pocketbooks, going for cars and not just with citations.

"We're going to the judge with warrants, and when the judge signs that warrant, we are going to look for those vehicles that have been identified as actively participating in sideshows," Silva said.

They are hitting participants where it hurts, because if there isn't any cars, there isn't any shows. Since the beginning of the year, 10 vehicles have been seized for participating. More seizure warrants are expected.