12 years on the force, Jeremy Edens is looking for a few good physically fit men and women.

“One, you just want to be able to physically handle the demands of the job. Not just physically, but also even emotionally, mentally. Exercise helps with all those things," Edens said.

Since May, once a month, the police department started using a new recruitment tool called “Work Out With A Recruiter.” You show up at park and see if you can measure up on some of the physical demands of being a police officer.

“So we have three stations. One of the stations is a run station. So 15 minutes of running. The other station is a body work circuit station. So we have 10 bodyweight exercises, 30 seconds each. And the last station, we set up the miniature obstacle course. We have a 5 and a half foot wall with some curbs to simulate, like curbs in a parking lot," Edens said.

The Stockton Police Department has room to grow. Right now, it has 435 officers on the force. The goal is to have 485 officers by June next year.

“It’s for people that have that calling. That want to make a difference in their community," Stockton Police Officer Joe Silva said.

Despite the uptick in police shootings around the country in recent years, Silva believes there are still plenty of qualified candidates out there that want to wear the uniform.

“There’s a lot of dangers in this profession. So you got to know that you are out there every day, risking your life for your community and for your fellow officers," Silva said.

On average, about 40 people interested in becoming an officer have shown up to the workouts.

The department took their idea from other departments and tailored it for their own.

Bottom line, they hope their work out results in putting the very best on Stockton’s streets.

“Encouraging them, motivating them. It’s great. It’s been very positive," Edens said.

The next “Work Out With a Recruit” is 4 to 6 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 27 at Stockton’s Louis Park. You just need to show up and sign a waiver. You must be at least 18 to attend.