Francisco Servellon, 11, enjoys playing soccer with his brother at Constitution Park's playground area.

“I go on the slide. Play on everything that is right there," said Servellon.

But thanks to serious vandalism damage, the fun he and his brother once had at the park's playground structure has ceased.

Since the end of March the play structure has been fenced off due to the slides being severely melted and burned beyond repair.

The price tag to replace the damage is $100,000.

"It's very expensive to replace them. You don't anticipate needing to replace them in the short run," said Stockton city spokesperson Connie Cochran.

Two other parks have suffered destructive vandalism as well.

A portion of the play structure at Weber Point was burned and Cochran said the whole structure must be replaced at a cost of $100,000. Shropshire Park in South Stockton suffered vandalism at the end of last year, but has since been repaired at the cost of $45,000.

The city is "self-insured" meaning it pays for costs as they occur, so $245,000 is a lot to pay, according to Cochran.

The city hopes to dip into a pool of money it shares with other cities or may eventually apply for grant money and possibly get donations from the community.

No arrests for the vandalism incidents have been made and it's an ongoing investigation.