Talk about nine degrees of separation.

D’Angelo Martinez graduated from San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton with nine associate's degrees.

"I knew when I got here I wanted to earn an AA, but as soon as I started taking the classes I knew it was very manageable." said Martinez, "Sort of make a name for myself and show that it doesn't matter who the student is or who it is anything is possible,"

Martinez is a 17-year-old senior at Middle College High School, which is also on the Delta campus. He takes high school and college courses at the same time.

He graduated from high school Thursday night and will graduate from Delta Friday evening.

"I'm so proud that he is my son." said his mother, Teresa Martinez. "I am so honored that he is mine. He's been an overachiever for so many years,"

Martinez was accepted into all nine University of California campuses, along with the University of the Pacific and two Cal State Universities.

He plans on becoming either an emergency room physician or a pediatrician.

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Talk about your 9 degrees of separation.

17 year old D’Angelo Martinez in a class, yes, all by himself.

“When I met with the counselors and everything, they’re like it’s fine, just shoot for this, but I knew I wanted to excel and go further and accomplish as much as I could here," says Martinez.

D’Angelo is a senior at Middle College High School at Delta.

Meaning, he takes high school and college courses at the same time.

He actually graduated from college last night.

He graduates from high school this evening.

D’Angelo has degrees in Art and Humanities, Spanish, Teacher Education Prep, Math and Sciences, Business, Retail Management and Merchandising, Interdisciplinary Studies Business, Social Behavior Science and Spanish For Transfer.

“Obviously I had to give up a lot of leisure time, a lot of sleep," says Martinez, who enjoys playing basketball and football when he can.

"Very intelligent, very hard working. He's a very unassuming young man. He's frequently quiet," says History, Government and Economics high school teacher Ryan Venhuizen.

D’Angelo’s proud mom Teresa, says her so has always been an over achiever.

“He’s a younger sibling, he has older twin sisters. And as a young child he was always interested in their schoolwork and when they were doing work, sitting by them, pretending he was doing homework," says Teresa Martinez.

D’Angelo’s buddy and schoolmate, Eddie Chaidez is impressed too.

Eddie is graduating with 5 degrees.

“It’s a true inspiration for Middle College High School and the generations to come," says Chaidez.

And Karman Singh is the third amigo.

He’s a schoolmate graduating with 4 degrees.

“What’s special between us is we always stick together, we motivate each other, we want to accomplish our goals together," says Singh.

Accepted at every UC school, D’Angelo will go to UC Davis studying to be an ER physician or pediatrician.

Yup, more degrees is his mission.