A Stockton teenager who spent five days in the hospital from severe heat stroke he got during football practice is back home and recovering.

Jayden Galbert, a 13-year-old incoming freshman at Lincoln High School, started feeling sick during a football practice last week in roughly 105 degree weather. He ended up passing out at the end of the practice and hours later, when his health continued to decline, was airlifted to UC Davis Children's hospital where he was put in the ICU.

"My vision was all blurry. I was like really loopy, so I started vomiting everywhere," Jayden recalled.

Now back at home, Jayden still has a ways to go before he is fully recovered.

"When I walk my, like, right foot kind of goes to the side and it causes me to limp," he said. "I can’t really bend my knees right now...one of my arms it just hurts when I straighten it."

Jayden, who was hoping to make the freshman year football team, said doctors say he won't be able to play for at least this year.

Meanwhile, his mother, Shynelle Jones, is speaking out about changes she believes should be made to prevent kids from getting sick.

"I just want parents to teach their kids to be the expert of their own body," Jones said. "I do feel like some of this could have been prevented...maybe educate coaches...if a child asks for a break maybe give them a break right then."

Jayden also has a message for his friends.

"Just stay hydrated," he explained. "When its hot and we’re sweating a lot I just want my friends to stay hydrated so they don’t have to go through the same thing that I went through."

Jayden's mom posted on Facebook about the situation and also set up a GoFundMe page to help with the additional medical costs.