Every night before bed Juan Villegas takes a walk to Don Pedro Park in Ceres to exercise. On Saturday his evening stroll was cut short when he was attacked.

“He punched my lips and then I got another one right here," Villegas said.

His body is battered and bruised, but the 71-year-old can't remember what happened.

"We want to know what happened," Villegas' granddaughter Michaela Padilla said. "Someone knocked out a 71-year-old man unconscious, it’s a very scary thing we want to know what happened."

She said her grandfather was walking alone toward the park when he spotted a house party on the side of the road he was walking and decided to cross the street.

“He wanted to avoid them, he wanted to avoid what happened to him basically,” Padilla said.

“It’s not something you like to see and in this case this man took a harsh beating,” Ceres Police Detective Sergeant Danny Vierra said.

Villegas said he had never been bothered before during his nightly ritual. Despite all the damage, the robbery was unsuccessful. While Villegas was going in and out of consciousness, Villegas said he screamed.

“I was calling 'help me help me somebody help me,'” said Villegas.

Eventually someone took him to a hospital, but his family and Ceres police have no idea who helped or beat him up.

“That’s what we are hoping for," Vierra said. "That with coverage witnesses will come forward and tell us what was going on maybe they didn’t understand what was happening and will contact us."

If you have information about the attack on Villegas, Ceres Police ask that you call (209) 538-5672.