“Big Herk” is not only big on his name, he’s big on keeping things clean.

“You basically spray the clippers just once. You take it and you squeeze it on your hand. And you rub it on the client as well," said "Big Herk" Washington, a long time Stockton barber demonstrating how he cleans his clippers and how he uses sanitizer to rub on each client's head.

It's all to prevent a bacteria from spreading called folliculitis.

Bacteria can get into the pocket where your hair follicle grows, and in severe cases you can actually lose your hair.

It can be caused if clippers or scissors are not clean leading to one bad hair day you don’t ever want.

According to the Mayo clinic folliculitis is very common, with more than 3 million cases per year.

At the California College of Barbering and Cosmetology in Stockton, each student is taught how to properly clean their tools of the trade.

“Every time after each client. So we won’t run into this situation," said school instructor Deedee White.

Scissors are sprayed with disinfectant and manicure bowls are washed with soap and water and then placed in a sanitizer solution.

“I’m still going to sanitize everything as if I did use it for the chance of infection from the next client that’s coming in to the salon," said student Tanya Colapret.

So what if you get folliculitis?

According the Mayo Clinic, the good news is mild cases clear or their own, but more severe cases may need antibiotics or other drugs.