On the campus of San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, it was meant to be.

“I try to avoid them. But I know if Summer comes around they’re everywhere," said student Robert Dipiero.

A swarm of bees was found clinging to a tree this morning looking for place to form a hive.

A campus police officer spotted the swarm as he was out on campus patrol.

It was the calm after the swarm as a bee keeper bagged the bees.

“Students were starting to come on campus. But we went ahead and put a warning for them because a lot of times it was very noticeable when you were driving by. So we wanted to make sure noticeable didn’t mean approachable," said Sgt. Jim Bock of the San Joaquin Delta College District Police.

The swarm was hanging around near the front of the campus along Pacific Avenue.

It was removed to another remote location on campus just to be safe.

“They get up and they're flying as a big group. And they start leaving the parent hive and they just land anywhere," said Stockton bee keeper George Dale.

George Dale is the one who bagged the bees and moved them to where they could be taken off campus later.

He has 9 years experience as a bee keeper.

He’ll set out a box for the bag of bees to form a hive.

“And the bees do a technique called marching and they see the box right there and they all start marching. It’s just this mass exodus except they’re going into the hive," said Dale.

Bottom line, it's not unusual to find bee hives or swarms this time of year at Delta.