If you happen to be walking around Stockton’s San Joaquin Delta Community College and hear a loud buzzing noise centered on a large amorphous-looking blob that may look to be moving, be warned and stay away.

That’s the message college police are sending after the discovery of a large bee swarm hanging on the end of a tree branch located on Pacific Frontage Road, near the Lock 5 parking lot entrance.

A swarm like the one found on the college campus can happen when bees outgrow their hive. As the queen bee leads her colony in search of a larger hive, the rest of the bees will swarm around her and the young.

Police said the swarm is generally docile; however, if disturbed the hive will defend itself.

Police also warned there will be a number of bees flying to and from the swarm. These a scouts. Their purpose is to find a suitable location to start a new hive. Once located, the entire swarm will leave the area.

Typically swarms are very temporary. They can remain for a few hours and as long as a week while locating a new hive.

Police are asking those who do discover the swarm to not approach the area.