Less than 24 hours after the Stockton City Council passed Mayor Michael Tubbs controversial Advanced Peace proposal by a 6-1 vote, a group of community activists launched a campaign to recall the mayor.

"We, the residents of Stockton, who deserve responsible representation due hearby intend to recall Michael D. Tubbs who has and continues to waste city money and resources," said Brenda Vazquez, a community activist reading from a prepared statement outside the Stockton City Hall.

Vazquez was flanked eight others who are supporting the effort to recall the mayor.

Vazquez accused the mayor of miss spending city funds and ignoring his constituents to better himself personally in the mayor's seat.

"Neglects basic city services such as parks and street maintenance, neglects public safety resulting in increased violent crimes and homicides, wants to pay suspected violent criminals to not shoot people," added Vazquez.

Vazquez is referring to the controversial Advance Peace program founded in Richmond by DeVone Boggan.

The program targets the worst criminals and then mentors them.

After six months, each so-called "fellow" is given a stipend of between $300-$700 per month.

The mayor's office describes the stipend as a way to "help stabilize the basic financial needs of participants."

The mayor says the money is all donated and no taxpayer dollars will be used in the four-year program.

The mayor's office believes Stockton has about 100 people responsible for the majority of the violent crime.

Still, others like Tiffany Riccio, who was at today's news conference announcing the recall, was emotional about wanting the mayor unseated from office.

"Nobody wants to hear about your wife, your honeymoon, all the vacations you've taken. We don't care about your personal; life. We care about our city," said Riccio.

The group plans to start circulating a recall petition throughout the city.

They have a Facebook page up called "Recall Mayor Tubbs Now" which shows 762 members as of Wednesday afternoon.