Cats are said to have nine lives – but one pooch is getting a second chance at life courtesy of the Sacramento SPCA.

Hercules, who is well named, his caretakers say, because of the trials he has endured, suffered a back injury that disabled his hindquarters. His distraught family surrendered him to the shelter because they could not afford the veterinary care needed to diagnose and treat his injury.

“We’re fortunate that this community has given us the time and resources that he needs, and we will work with him and we’ll get him in a home," said Kenn Altine, CEO of the Sacramento SPCA. "I expect 10 years from now, Herc to come running back at a family reunion to say hi.”

Hercules was diagnosed first with an on-site x-ray. He also had a MRI that determined his injury would likely respond well to physical therapy and exercise. Fortunately, the bright-eyed, mixed breed dog has been responding well to treatment.

When he arrived at the shelter a couple of weeks ago, he was all but immobile, said Sarah Varanini, SSPCA foster care coordinator who is fostering Hercules. Today, the pup was doing a good job of scooting along, and even at times making the Herculean effort of making a kind of skipping step with one leg – an effort celebrated by his caretakers.

Due to the injury, Hercules needs special assistance for his potty needs, which could put off some adopters, but it is hoped that as he regains use of his legs, the other functions will return as well.