A Stockton man went to the grocery store Sunday and came across a sight no one wants to see while preparing for their meal.

Lee Yim was reaching for tomatoes at the Food 4 Less on March Lane when he spotted at least three mice scurrying around the produce. He captured a video of the rodents and shared the story on his Facebook page to warn other shoppers.

"It's kind of creepy and scary," Yim said. "Because you never know if that rat has any rabies, or some kind of disease. Just imagine if you stick your hand in there and it actually bites you and you might get something."

Yim said the employees tossed out all of the tomatoes but the mice got away.

ABC10 reached out to the March Lane Food 4 Less and was emailed the following statement:

We are aware of the issue at our March Lane Food 4 Less location and have taken immediate steps to correct the matter. We pride ourselves on maintaining a clean store. The health and safety of our customers is our primary concern.

The management team said it will continue to work closely with health department officials until they are confident the matter is resolved.