Displaying guns and street gang t-shirts, local, state and federal law enforcement in Stockton announced arrests in a more than year-long investigation called Operation Blue Storm.

"During this investigation, members of the North Side Gangster Crips street gang have been involved in numerous shootings bags, robberies, illegal weapons violations and narcotics sales activities," said Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones.

Investigators say the gang purchased large quantities of heroin, pot prescription pills and promethazine, and the suspects all drove to Nevada to sell their drugs at a profit.

In addition, investigators say members of the gang used non-member co-conspirators, including family members, as part of the operation.

“The investigation has also identified that these subjects are buying firearms in Nevada, thru straw purchasers and either selling the guns in Stockton or keeping the guns to support gang activities," said Chief Jones.

In all, 12 arrests made in Stockton, 11 in Reno and 22 locations were searched in both cities.

During the search, nearly $40,000 dollars seized along with 13 guns.

The arrests included San Joaquin County Correctional Officer Ashley Johnson, less than a year on the job, ironically, working in the jail.

She faces felony drug and conspiracy charges.

“As of yesterday she was arrested. She was booked into the jail. At that time she was served notice of termination as she was a probationary employee," said San Joaquin County Sheriff Steve Moore.

Investigators say the gang busted was involved in at least four shooting incidents that would otherwise gone unreported and unsolved.

District Attorney Tori Verber Salazar had these words of wisdom for families to stop the revolving door of violence.

“If you live in that home the only opportunity, the only way you can protect your children is by keeping them away from this criminal enterprise, by enforcing and re-enforcing the importance of education."