Peter Sust was 11-years-old when his parents sent him to the United States with his sister from Cuba.

At the time, Fidel Castro was his neighbor and Sust even played with the dictator’s kid.

When Sust moved to the United States, he brought a banner from his school in Cuba, some clothes and a gold watch his parents gave him to sell in case they needed money.

"I worked," Sust said. "I sold newspapers on the street. When we were in Tampa we were paying rent and I would shine shoes and I decorated bottles and sold them."

A year later, his parents are able to leave and join them and their other family members in Stockton.

Sust said he hasn't been back to Cuba. He said it's because a return trip is not guaranteed, especially with one of Castro's brothers still alive.

"Castro's death didn't really impact me in any way," Sust said. "But I think the impact that it will have on the people in Cuba and the country, I think that's yet to be seen."

Sust wrote about his life in Cuba and his experience moving to the United States in a book called "A Boy From Cuba."