Stockton's Miracle Mile has been around for nearly 100 years but some businesses say recent closures and issues have brought negative publicity to the area.

Businesses were forced to leave because of fire and code violations and there were several reports of embezzlement charges against the ex-miracle mile executive director.

"Moving forward we have a very strong merchant committee in place and this group has grown from two or three people to between 25 and 30 on a regular basis," said Tammie Dimas of Bliss Bridal.

Dimas showed us merchandise to help promote Miracle Mile like t-shirts and hats.

Heather Torres is another merchant working on revitalizing Miracle Mile.

"We work really hard on the social media," Torres said. "Reminding people we're still here and our stores are still open. At the time when it happened, a lot of negative blow it is a lot of negative input from friends and family it's looking at what the community has to offer."

In addition to merchandise, they're also hoping to revitalize through events which they are finalizing soon.

"I think there are lots of great things ahead and any area you're gonna have changes in structure," Dimas said. "Whatever happens in the future won't affect our daily business at all."