“Don’t trust everybody with your kids,” Mike Edmond, father of A’rmani Edmond said.

A’rmani was killed Oct. 7. At first the toddler’s death was ruled suspicious and now it is a homicide.

“What could be possibly do at two years old to make somebody that angry, or want to harm him, he was two years old,” Edmond said.

When Edmond found out his son’s death was not an accident he was upset and thought it was a sick joke.

“The first story I heard was a lie," Edmond said. "I heard he fell off of a slide and hit his head, not for one second did I believe that story.”

At the time of the incident A’rmani was not living with his dad, he was living with his mom and her boyfriend, Donte Reveles. They all lived in Stockton and Reveles is now a person of interest in the toddlers death.

One neighbor told us how sad she thought it was. Another couple who lived across the street, Jose and Lucia Arriaga said the death is unreal.

“Really though his death hurts,” Lucia Arriaga said.

For A’rmani’s dad, he just wants justice and for Reveles to come forward whether he is guilty or not.

“Armani didn’t do nothing, just turn yourself in if you innocent state your story but if you are guilty turn yourself in because this is my son that you took his life, it’s not fair to me it’s not fair to my family,” Edmond said.

If you have information on this case, or know where Donte Reveles is, call Stockton PD (209) 937-8377.

Edmond said the funeral for his son will be in Oakland on Tuesday, Oct. 25.