Good news for those living or visiting San Joaquin County.

In an effort to expand the county’s transportation options, its regional transit district has partnered with Uber to offer subsidized rides.

“We’ve gotten into a new partnership with Uber in a program we’re calling RTD Go.” Terry Williams, RTD’s marketing manager, told ABC10. “This program will provide a discount on Uber services if you live outside the normal RTD service area or if you’re going to and from a transit station to take a ride on public transit.”

Users will either get five dollars or 50 percent off a ride. The discount applies to anyone going to or from a RTD station or on any rides outside where RTD runs.

To expand the options for disabled people in the area, RTD has also partnered with a transportation company, JVG Transportation, to offer rides in wheel-chair accessible vehicles. Those rides have a flat fee of $10.

“Really what the impetus was there are a lot of people that are outside of that service area that need to be able to get the things like shopping, schools, jobs and medical care and don’t have a car perhaps,” Williams explained. “So, this will enable those people to come and go as they please for a much more economical rate than otherwise possible.”

According to Williams, RTD allotted $50,000 for this pilot program. After roughly a year, they will reassess to determine if it should be continued.

To get the discount, a user just needs to open Uber and put in the destination. The promo should be automatically factored into the estimated cost of the ride.

Someone who does not have a smartphone can still use the service.

“Folks can call us at 209-943-1111,” Williams said. “And we’ll set everything up for them.”