A a group of moms in Stockton, living through the unthinkable want to stop violence and break the silence. The Stockton Angel Mothers is what they call themselves and they are taking to the streets of the the same neighborhoods their kids were killed.

Dee Vickers showed off old photos of her baby Aaron.

"The youngest of four, so he was spoiled to the core," Vickers said.

On October 4, 2002 at age 19, Aaron was killed. Now his mom stands where her slain son once stood, reliving the nightmare.

"Somebody just drove by and started shooting, one bullet hitting Aaron in the head," Vickers said.

Even though the murder happened 14 years ago, investigators still do not know who killed him.

"His murder is unsolved, it's a very cold case," she said.

Her story is one of many. Stockton Angel Mothers founder, Tashante McCoy-Ham, said in the last seven years Stockton has had over 150 unsolved homicides.

"We just can't take it anymore, we are ready to do our part," McCoy-Ham said.

These "Angel Mothers" said they aren't waiting for police or city officials to help them get the peace they deserve.

"We can sit around and wait to see what's going to happen, but there is something about the power in those of us who have been through it," she said.

McCoy-Ham wants her group to take to the streets with a campaign called Break the Silence.

"We still gotta' do what we gotta' do and the city will only be as strong as its people," McCoy-Ham told her group.

She hopes the campaign will bring life to Stockton, change the culture of being silent so more crimes can be solved and violence will be stopped.

"I always tell people, pain is a strong emotion, it can either drive you up or it can drive you down so we have just come together and decided to use it as a light in our community," McCoy-Ham said.

There will be a Break the Silence rally on Saturday from 12-3 p.m. It will be held in the parking lot of Fat's Grill and Bar in Stockton. The Stockton Angel Mothers will be canvassing the streets in January to spread the message of standing up and speaking out.