A memorial to Stockton firefighters no longer sits overlooking Stockton’s Deep Water Channel.

It’s been moved.

Yesterday morning, the Stockton Professional Firefighters Local 456 moved the memorial to an undisclosed location.

Unveiled in 1998, it’s a move they reluctantly felt was necessary to keep it from vandals.

“Well we decided to move it because we needed to safeguard it. It had been vandalized. We have had some plaques stolen off of it. And we had to find a way to safeguard it by other means other than this fence right here," said Jonathan Smith, Battalion Chief with the Stockton Fire Department.

The memorial was moved to an undisclosed location. Firefighters may bring it back to the same location later with ways to keep it more secure, or move it to a new location.

They are hoping to raise at least $25,000 with the help of the non-profit Stockton Firefighters Relief Fund.

"It's very disheartening. It's a memorial to our fallen firefighters. To have the community, certain members, disgrace the images of the fallen firefighters that serve the community is very disheartening," Smith said.

13 firefighters who have died in the line of duty since 1870 are honored by the memorial.

The public is welcome to make a donation. You can go to the Stockton Professional Firefighters Local 456 Facebook page where they have a GoFundMe account.