You might say Frank Henderson is a "sole survivor."

"There's nobody but me in this city," said Henderson.

In fact at 90 years old, Henderson is an old soul having shined shoes for over 40 years after learning his craft at a shoe shine school in Oklahoma.

"I've seen some of my friends in it. And I wanted to get into shoe shining business years ago," he said.

The former bell hop, waiter and Air Force veteran of 21 years says back then there was money to be made. And becoming a sole proprietor was really just a "shoe in."

"I didn't have anyone to tell me when to open up and when to close," he said.

Henderson's walls are covered with sports photos, autographs, as well as celebrities who have walked this way way into his well heeled East Market Street business.

He's a character who says he gets his customers through word of mouth. Though some days are busy and others are slow, it generally takes him about six minutes to shine up a pair of shoes -- men or women.

An Elks Club member for over 50 years, Frank says he'll keep on rising and shining as long as he can.

"I'll shine shoes til I go to glory," he said.

If you want your one shining moment, Frank's Shoe Shine is located at 231 E. Market Street in Stockton.