A Stockton veterinarian hospital said officials aren't doing enough for dogs "rented for sex."

Venetian Pet Hospital said the two dogs, Emma and Ava, were sexually abused using foreign objects.

Ava is pregnant with at least 10 puppies.

Terry Eastham, the hospital manager, said Stockton Animal Services only came in Monday to get examination reports when the dogs first came in over the weekend.

"I didn't feel like there was any concern," Eastham said. "That's just a personal opinion."

The hospital even collected evidence using swabs but Stockton Animal Services said they don't have people with forensic experience to examine them. They would consider sending them out to get tested but at this time Stockton Animal Services said they don't have substantial evidence to support the dogs were actually used to rent out for sex because there's no video as proof.

Even if someone was found guilty, it would be a misdemeanor.

"That's sad," Eastham said. "A dog, if you've ever owned a dog, a dog is the only living creature that will love you more than it loves itself and it'll die for you. For that to be considered a misdemeanor is sad."

Eastham said she's frustrated and confused.

"It's not about guilt it's proving something had happened to these dogs," Eastham said. "We have it on our medical records that foreign objects were used that sort of thing. I don't know why they wouldn't get to the bottom of this."

Stockton Animal Services said it's actively working with the district attorney and is still talking with the involved parties.