An injured motorcyclist who was stranded in the woods for almost a day was rescued Sunday morning.

According to a press release from the Valley Division Air Operations, a 42-year-old man went for a dirt bike ride Saturday, June 17, in El Dorado County while camping with his family. The family became concerned when the man never returned to the campsite.

On Sunday, June 18, the family began searching for him and around 8 a.m. they found him down a 30 foot ravine from a washed out section of roadway.

According to the the victim, he was riding his dirt bike on the Caldor Road and as he came around a curve, did not see a deep hole from the washed out roadway. He was unable to stop, went over the edge and landed on the ground below. He suffered several injuries and was unable to move.

The family said they had to drive roughly three miles in order to get a signal to call for help. He was eventually rescued by California Highway Patrol Helicopter and loaded into H-24 and flown to Sutter-Roseville Medical Center for treatment.