In the song 'So Ambitious' hip-hop icon Jay-Z raps, "All I do is make more money."

This is a mantra that nurses in the United States should take notice of when looking for areas to get the most salary out of the career.

According to a study done by, the job searching platform looked at which cities are the most financially beneficial for people pursuing a career in nursing.

What they found out was that the Golden State dominated the top of the list boasting 10 of the top 15 cities, which included its state capitol.

Sacramento ranked No. 4 with an annual salary adjusted for cost of living with about $77,000.

The top three spots belonged to Fresno who was the No. 1 city offering the best wages at $81,344, Bakersfield was second at nearly $81,000 and Modesto placed third at $80,368.

Rounding out the top five cities was Portland, Oregon, in the fifth slot, who averaged about $3,000 less than Sacramento.

Other notable California cities on the list were Riverside (No. 6), Oxnard (No. 11), San Jose (No. 12), Los Angeles (No. 13) and San Diego (No. 14). All of these cities eclipsed over $65,000 in annual salary.

Cities like Phoenix, Arizona, Houston and Texas made it too.

Indeed put the data together, with information provided by the U.S. Department of Commerce's Bureau of Economic Analysis division, to calculate registered nurses city averages for hourly salary between 2015 through 2016. They weighted it by metropolitan areas and adjusted the salaries based on cost of living.

The study also stated that according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, "registered nurses are projected to have the second-highest job growth over the next 10 years of all the 800 different occupations listed."

Indeed showed nearly 400,000 job postings for nurses in the U.S., so with the demand seemingly increasing, it's a good time to be a nurse.