It's summertime and we're guessing you have noticed the increased heat.

Around this time of year, there's usually a stark reminder for everyone to make sure you're applying sunscreen on while out in the heat, but is it the right way?

One study believes you're doing it wrong, and it can leave you vulnerable to potential risks.

New research presented at the British Association of Dermatologists’ annual conference, according to the University of Liverpool, showed that people who put on SPF left about 10 percent of their face unprotected.

The study stated that the most common site for skin cancer is the face.

There were 57 participants involved in the study, male and female, who were asked to apply sunscreen on their faces. Researchers gave no further information or instructions after stating the task.

Results showed that on average people missed about 10 percent of their face. The most common areas that people missed were the eyelids at about 14 percent and between the inner corner of the eye and bridge of the nose at a noticeable 77 percent.

After giving more information about skin cancers around the eyelid area, researchers then asked the participants to repeat the experiment which saw a small increase (7.7 percent).

Though the study has yet to be published in a peer-reviewed journal, making sure you're not missing any areas when applying sunscreen this summer wouldn't be a bad option.

If you need steps on how to apply your sunscreen, click here.