Supporters of two undocumented immigrants detained by U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement in Northern California rallied at a facility where one of the men is being held Sunday.

Rodrigo Nunez, 35, and Hugo Mejia, 37, are Mexican natives living in the U.S. and working as construction workers. The two were detained by ICE after attempting to show up to a job at the hospital on Travis Air Force Base in early May.

Several supporters of the two men demonstrated at the Yuba County Jail where Nunez is being held.

“These are community members, these are hardworking fathers, and no one deserves to this unjust inhumane detention," said David Buenrostro, a community organizer who was there.

Members of Nunez family saw him inside the jail during visiting hours.

Nunez is a husband and father of three from Hayward, California. He is also an assistant baseball coach and volunteer at a local church.

Mejia is a husband and father of three from San Rafael, California. He's being held at the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center in Elk Grove. ABC10 News spoke with him inside the jail in May.

Both men have lived in the U.S. more than 15 years and were deported once before in 2001.

The men remain in ICE custody despite calls from local elected officials and community groups for their release.