The suspect accused of "executing" Stanislaus County sheriff's Deputy Dennis Wallace has pleaded not guilt to all counts, including murder.

Prosecutors filed the charges against Machado ahead of his Tuesday arraignment.

Charges against Machado come with a special circumstance allegation that makes the case eligible for the death penalty.

Wallace was shot twice in the head Sunday morning in a manner investigators described as execution style. He was later captured in Tulare County following a manhunt.

Machado has a previous felony case where he failed to appear on October 31, 2016.

Bail in that case was set at $100,500.00 and his next court date is also Nov. 21.

Detectives are still piecing together the series of events that led up to Wallace's death and are asking the public for any assistance in that effort, including where Machado may have been before and after the shooting.

Those who believe they can help police are encouraged to contact the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department at 209-525-7073.