Millionaire televangelist, Joel Osteen, is getting bashed on Twitter for not opening his Houston megachurch to the thousands displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

Lakewood Church, which reportedly can hold nearly 17,000 people, announced Sunday morning, the building would be closing its doors due to flooding. The church instead directed residents to other shelters in the area.

However, Twitter users were quick to call the wealthy pastor out, with photos of the church, claiming it wasn't actually flooded.

A map of the area surrounding the church shows there is an active flood advisory, but not a warning.

On Saturday, before the church closure was announced, Osteen had tweeted about sending prayers to those affected by Hurricane Harvey, only to have Twitter users respond by asking him what he was going to do to help the flood victims.

The church responded Monday, saying on Twitter that the church would be collecting diapers and other baby needs starting Tuesday at noon.

The church also said they'd be gathering up volunteers to help around shelters and working with Samaritan’s Purse on major relief efforts.

Osteen has not directly commented on whether or not the church will re-open to aid in the Harvey disaster.