If you’re going to travel over the holiday, Thursday is the day.

Although there is still some lingering snow in the Truckee area, Thanksgiving, during the day, is set to be clear throughout the Valley.

Friday is the day when the weather gets murky. This may have been an issue when people flocked to stores in the wee hours for Black Friday deals, but with online shopping now much more prominent, the wet weather may not be as big of an issue for people. Rain off the coast shouldn't get into the Valley until later in the day Friday, which means more rain and chain controls possibly in the evening.

When you’re coming back from grandma’s house, check the forecast. The overnight radar for Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday looks like the Valley will get hit with a cold system, with rain coming in Friday night, Saturday morning and Sunday.

If you’re flying out of town, there’s a big storm in the Midwest, hitting hubs like Minneapolis and Chicago, but this year is looking better than year’s past for air travel.