Music may have the power to move you but, it also has the power to make a bunch of first graders eat their lunch. Well... at least that's what's happening at Theodor Jude Elementary in Folsom.

10-year-old Nathan Zhang spends part of his recess a few times a week playing the piano for first graders.

"When I play they get quiet and really start to pay attention." Says Zhang.

The music performances started at the beginning of the year. First as a request from his principal, then Zhang started volunteering.

The 5th grader started playing music when he was 5-years-old. He also plays the violin.

Last year Zhang entered a contest called American Protege and played a Grande piano at Carnegie Hall, in New York.

"It was the greatest musical experience of my life!" Says Zhang.

His talents were also recognized by David Muir back in October when he was featured on World News Tonight.

Zhang enjoys the recognition and hopes to inspire his listeners to learn an instrument of their own.

"Music has the power to catch people's attention and touch people," Says Zhang.